The Steampunk Adventure


An alternative history. Steam power era. Professor Gingercraft in her independent laboratory discovered a new ever-living source of energy based on aether. The high and the mighty didn’t like it because in case the new technology is implemented the energy will be free and available for everybody. Therefore they will lose control over the steam-powered world.
Professor was captured but even under torture she didn’t reveal the location of the ever-living energy source. Your task is to go to her office to find the energy source and destroy all professor’s research papers. She left some clues to help her supporters find tesseract which is in the laboratory…


Lost Escape – the most innovative and interactive escape rooms in Lithuania. Forget ordinary puzzles with fusty locks and lots of keys and prepare yourself to experience the wonders of high-tech world!

We aim to create an experience full of excitement and adventures you will never forget. Make sure you have your beloved ones by your side and spend some valuable time surrounded by our well-designed atmosphere, specific concept, and challenging puzzles!

Bored at home? We can help you! From now on you can participate from the comfort of your own home: using the video streaming service Zoom you can control the Game Master and direct the game. We are very proud to be the only one Escape Room company in Lithuania that can offer ONLINE escape games. It is possible to play wherever you are and we are ready to welcome people from all around the world.


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  • How does it work?
    This is an online version of an escape room. You and your team give directions to a LIVE AVATAR inside the room. The premise is the same as in normal escape room: you must search for clues, complete a series of tasks and gather all of the information needed to “escape” the room.
  • What kind of software do I need?
    We use Zoom platform to play remotely, so make sure your device supports Zoom.
  • When will I get the access to the game?
    We will send you a link (via email) to join the chat room 10 minutes before the game. Don’t forget to forward the link to other players!
  • How many players can participate?
    Your team can consist of 2-6 players. Keep in mind that the minimal cost of the game is 40 euros + taxes.
  • Can I play in English?
    Yes, you can play in English as well as in Lithuanian languages.
  • Where can I find your local Lithuanian time?
    Keep in mind the game is going to start our local time and you can also check it here:


lapkričio 2020
Pr An Tr Kt Pn Št Sk



60 min.