Recommend in Vilnius

Space Wars

Dont panic 2

For everyone perfectly out of childhood familiar ship battle game moves to new outer space. This is a team game that will allow you to plunge into real space spaces and experience fighting excitement.

Space Wars Theme is a cosmic war between the inhabitants of Earth’s planet and the Aliens.
Form 2 struggling (people and alien) teams from two to three participants. The goal of each team is to destroy the opponent’s cosmic fleet in order to defend or conquer the Earth.
Each team member is assigned a particular role: Captain, Vyr. Assistant and pilot. Each player has its place on a space ship and must perform certain functions to achieve victory.
Space Wars promotes competition, is full of excitement, and will require your strategic thinking – careful action planning.
Collect 2 groups and come try. Fight for the destiny of land in your hands!

Wine producer Secret

vyno gmaintojo paslaptis

Escape room in Vilnius with an immering and exchangeable story.

One of the world’s best-kept French wine producer, Mr Russo moved to Vilnius and opens an exquisite wine cellar for our visitors. In this basement lies not only the long-lived wines, but also the secret of the wine recipes that are not discovered in the air.

About the same wine producer is not much known, because his life, like the recipes of wine, is covered by the Ridehood Lambrequin. We have only succeeded in tracing the fact that the winemaker originated in France and its homeland has been engaged in wine for decades.

So, there is only one question that does not give you peace – will you succeed in finding out the secret wine recipe that is protected as the most expensive living property?



Horror room in Vilnius

Pastime for courageous, adrenaline and real emotion searchers.

Your team is a high-end, paranormal event specialist. By running a new task, you come to a mysterious house full of tremble spirits. It would seem that you have enough experience and technical possibilities to calm them down. But… There is one obstacle. The house where you are in, appears wherever you want and only an hour.

Will your team be able to tame the spirits and get away from the house until it disappears until the next location, or the House of Spirits will take you together?

Race Against time

Lenktynes su laiku

“Back in the past” or “who wins the race with time?”.

You are working in a special secret Time ministry department, which has since immediately influenced the future of mankind. Your task is to stop Nostradamo’s foretout of the end of the world.

To achieve this, you need to stop an experiment of alcheming, performed by one mad scientist hundreds of years ago. To travel in the past you should help one professor of the ministry, but the task is exacerbated, because it turned out that he is missing.

Will you be lucky to find a way to travel in time and stop the destruction of the earth that Nostradamus prophesied?

Italian robbery

Italiskas apiplesimas

You are a team of thieves and you learn about the lost masterpiece of Da Vinci, hidden in the palace of one collector, Mr Giovanni. Mr Giovanni is very interested in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and has already gathered a large collection of inventions and paintings from the artist.

You seriously prepared for a robbery, you figured out the alarm codes, and you bought the equipment to help fulfill the task. Also, your co-founder has managed to work in the security service to help with this operation.

Mr Giovanni rarely leaves his palace, but today he has a visit to the doctor, which will last exactly one hour. Your task: As long as Mr Giovanni is absent, break into the palace and steal the Lost Da Vinci masterpiece.