This one is based on the infamous and insanely popular ‘The Saw’ movies. No matter how terrifying the movie scenarios were, it’s no secret that a lot of us have wondered what we would do in such tricky situations. Would you try to come up with strategies that might not always pay off? Would you be so scared that the only that the only logical option would be to put your safety in your friends’ hands? Or would you be so petrified that you couldn’t move a single muscle? Well, now you have a way to find out! Our room radiates that creepy abandoned vibe, that will surely make your heart beat faster. Blood, mysterious looking objects, unfamiliar environment and that eerie feeling that you’re being watched. No guarantees if you and your friends can escape in time. Feel those goosebumps going down your spine? You’ll have plenty of those trying to navigate this escape room. A place which will make you doubt not only your trust in your team, but also your own brain. Only your burning desire for survival will help you escape.